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                  1. Questions? Call Us Today: 321-800-5766

                    GROUP AIRFARE

                    Empowering Tour Operators to Book Group Airfare at Lower Rates with Better Terms.

                    I use the Air Travel Group team for all of my group bookings. Incredible support pre-trip which continues on the road if you have issues with cancellations or delays. Awesome.

                    Andrew Moran, Music Travel Consultants

                    LEAVE IT TO THE PROS

                    Planning air travel for large groups can be a nightmare, with mistakes often costing thousands and causing major disruptions. Tour operators and student travel organizations can rest easy when booking their group airfare with the ATG. We work with student tour groups and operators of all shapes in sizes, providing airfare booking services. Best of all, our service is 100% free to use.


                    Delayed ticketing

                    Hold space with just a deposit

                    Flexible contract terms

                    Free name changes

                    Free Add/Drop


                    The Air Travel Group is happy to support your needs.

                    Fill out the form, email, or call.
                    We're available Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm EST.


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